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renata Pastuszak

I was adopted from Czestochowa, Poland when I was 2 years old. I grew up in Newington, Connecticut. My mom encouraged me to capture and edit videos of all foster dogs that came to us for care/training. I love animals and call myself an advocate.

The promotional dog videos led me to meeting my mentor, Carly Reichert-Blake. She told me that I had an eye for the craft which encouraged me to major in film at Wagner College.

I was chosen as 1st place national winner of the Samsung Creators Award and I interned at a post production office all within my freshman year.

A family of connections were formed when I worked on my first indie feature set, Team Marco. I have since fallen in love with film sets.

I am writing a movie, directing a documentary, and co-founding a startup social media company.

I am executive producing a short titled "Nicky & I" by Princess Adenike-Ajibola at the end of this year.

I will direct a short titled "guilt" after the CoVid-19 pandemic.

I will make a lasting impact on this planet, even if it may just be one person that I bring positivity to, I will bring it to you.

My lasting impact will be through the films i make.