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The artworks here are from 2015-2019, my college years.

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life is a vacation through time and space.

This is a random list of ideas. Sometimes they're about movies, sometimes they're about life. I do not edit these notes before posting them. I write things down on my phone or on a sticky note and just put them here for myself, or anyone interested, to sift through.

you gotta make people happy, that's life.

what matters is what's on earth-
not about what’s in space.
most of the people alive don’t even give a crap what’s going on in there. i mean, yes if there’s something going wrong but why do we spend valuable resources on trying to leave earth. just improve what we have now and stay here. people will leave when they need to leave.

you should be a life coach-
i'm not going to make you the most successful, i will
i'm not going to turn a lonely drug addict into a happy and successful person
i can't take an antisocial person and make them popular
i can't remove your personality disorder
i Will give you the wisdom and lead you up the steps to feeling optimistic about where you are.
i will lead you up the stairs to small personal victories, until i see that you can climb on your own

ca film about addiction-
the twelve step program has to do with God. explain that step two (the power that is greater than you) is actually your brain.
you are your own god. we are our own gods. the god is your brain. our brain can be stronger than our body and get our body into some deep trouble.
we need to be stronger than that because we do have control over our god. while our god has control over us, we can still make our own decisions.
like the times when you realize, mid-hit, or post-hit. or pre-hit. that what you’re doing is not for you. it’s for your brain or your body. i forget which one. for some reason It wants it more than you. It is an addict. you are not.

chess murder-
"i don't know just some stranger i play chess with"
they show up at your house
and everything they say is chess references

you're not the land of the free if you font have an army-
to protect that fact
that luxury

i was so excited that i remembered how to remove the blade that i-
let the arm fall
which broke the windshield

do what makes you feel good

airplane crash-
opens on woman sitting on plane. fing, this is yoyr captain speaking. all is well until, up in the captain quarters we see something go wrong. we learn a teesny bit about woman. air plane is out of bounds, out of control. captains not sure what to do. at first its calm in the rest of the plane. but people start catching on. the airplane hosts try to calm. they then inform that the captains have lost control. call mom. woman calls mom. mom im so sorry I didn't tell you I'd be flying. or I'm sorry you said not to fly. its okay. its meant to be its meant to be. please done leave me right now. plane crashes while they're on the phone together. continue the film from mom's perspective.

it's about a mom and dad-
a story about a woman who went crazy on her husband and made him shoot himself because he was so depressed.
mom forgets to water her plants lol

contrast between two lives-
based off my friendship with Emily Upton-
show how two people can have very similar lives happening at the same time.
theme: decisions
show how one decision can change the course of your life
or how multiple small decisions can have a major impact on your outcome/future
they both have the option to hang around certain (negative) influences. one chooses to stay away from them and the other is pulled in by them.
the film shows the contrast of the two lives.

people who are deaf or mute can watch it. no dialogue, just action.

what would happen if people revolted and stopped working at bad industries

the early psychopaths-
milkmen, other old jobs that would make it easy to kill people off

the second outcome-
of the depression. what would happen if farmers weren't destroying their crops while people were starving just to make more money. what if they gave it away to the starving people?

phone charger-
charger trails and dies as a person in their life dies

what if there was a stock market for films

what it feels like to die "it felt like nothing even happened, like i was sleeping"

what happens when you say i love you what it feels like to be loved

what actually happens when your parent removes your door and takes things away from you

stealing in a smart way-
i am studying at a desk in the library with a window overlooking the harbor. i'm on my laptop reading. my bag is to the left of me, on the outerside of the desk.
i imagine someone comes to the desk left of me, and puts their bag down to their right. they squat near the two bags and begins rummaging through mine. i peer over and see that. they grab something and run. i chase after them. they get to the stairwell and i jump over the railing to land on top of them and reclaim what they stole. when i get back to the desk i was reading at, the laptop, bag, and phone is gone. there was a second person involved. one to trick you to leave your spot, and one to take everything of yours.

life, simplified (by renata pastuszak)-
hilarious cute shorts that have a complex thing and then renata explains it super simple and succinct.
(part of weekly wag)

each episode jumps from charachter to charachter-so it's actually all about this one person (Morgan)
and everyone he impacts and interacts with is a main character in an episode (like roommate Alex)

Emily Moreno.-
her relationship with death.
how unique her relationship with Vinny was. staying by his side. not being able to get advice from parents or anyone because no one deals with that. her relationship with his parents. her decisions. how she made decisions. the way he brought her down.

co2 powered cars

land probes on asteroids or comets in space and move them toward the earth so we can get more resources?

use trees to signify progression of story

being a fly in a grocery store

the ultimate comparison of food deliver apps

make cars drive from left to right

what the health (doc on netflix)

shortage of electronic devices-
earth needs to reuse all old electronic devices in the future.
it creates jobs for people: they need to tear the devices apart for whatever they need.
flaw: devices improve over time. maybe there’s still useful stuff in them.
or maybe it turns into something about going through the past, everything that we as humans do today, and humans in the future look back on us.
another idea: AI is the next in line of evolution. human bodies and minds cannot be perfected any further- so in order to continue evolution the AI’s are the brain’s next step.

the city is a human's jungle-
compare jaguars fighting to people fighting
elephants drinking to human taking water in
steel jungle

paint a door and walk through it.-
children’s movie. magic paintbrush
kid paints things and it comes to life

comedy about murderers who live in a house for sale-
the sign out front "for sale by owner"  is just a ploy

comedy sketch on two women who have trouble putting a seat cushion on-
then the kid walks in and does it in 2 seconds.
mom and nana putting seat cover on chair in living room. the struggle. the tears

blind man-
first 20 minutes of the film. normal. next hour of the film. darkness.
hear the drama in their lives

write a script...-
that can be read forwards and backwards

Subterranean (joe wolf)-
joe wolf will play a ghost.
It takes place in the New York City subway system deep underground where no one can hear you scream..............
It takes place in the mid 90s
A detective following a case of missing persons leads him in to a underground world of darkness
And Chaos

transitioning into the new world order-
ravi came up with this idea

betrayal (Joe wolf)-
during the fight scenes Joe wolf speaks his pomes Paris. everyone wears dark blues and blacks. cloudy eiffel towerraing autumn timesun comes up and hits them.king ratthey have to fight him to get peace

forbidden desire-
bright colors

it's a house.-
about a woman who cares for an elderly dementia patient. she stays with her in her house
-patient has to be restrained while sleeping. I think probably messes with the patient. that she's tied up at night? mental health-wise
-caren, is sad. that her friend has forgotten everything. but theres some moments that keep her going. like the moments when patient looks like her old self. but at what point does patient stop looking like her old self forever?
forgetting everything. thats crazy. that would suck.
its sad for Caren.
does Caren cope with substances?
you know, cuz the saddness
is Caren kind? what do we learn about caren?
we learn her past. and see what she decides to do with it? where's she's living now, I mean.
where shes living now reflects who she was. or does it. what was carens downfall?
and what happens when Caren needs to restrain patient. what does that feel like for caren?

fly high
people who fly
a guy who flies
like imagine. how humans would live if they could fly.
like them as people. just levitate. and fly.

black and white film-
black and white film but turns to color when he kisses the girl
the drama- he finds her, kisses her, he lost her, his life goes back to black & white
again, he searches for her, and at the end finds someone else

renata reign-
renata world order

phone syncing joke-
"i can't leave right now. my phone is plugged into the computer and it's syncing"
"well don't let it reach the bottom!"

speak your mind-
the the consumers stop consuming
the producers stop producting

i'm not going to interfere with anyone's reality unless it betters them

society needs a paradigm shift-
step one watch this film
step 2 solar energy (braithe) and katie roads white and solar panels on roads California
completely sustainable village in dubai step 3
eco village in Canada katie
show them that people are trying
gang of youths band

the secret obsession-
Molton salt reactors

"3conomical air travel"-
travel by plane that does not consume fossil fuels

idea movie-
someOne has complete control over what others see in media.
their brain is set up on a machine
where they just imagine images and stuff and it projected out there into reality.
they are rich which is why they can afford to do this and also they are a part of government

"who's writing is on these boxes?"-
"who really helped us move"

cops of the future: cameras

idea- voting-
we, the people, should come together again like we used to. to vote on what our towns or cities spend money on. this can be done easier than ever through technology. an app implemented into every phone or computer or tv. an app created by and monitored by the government. an app that allows us to connect with our many senators. we need more senators. their job will be to relay the info that we give them.
this could also be used for presidential elections.
cons- hacking?
rebute- the paper ballot voting system could be hacked too.

chess murder-
"i don't know just some stranger i play chess with"
they show up at your house
and everything they say is chess references