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left sam dead00002.pdf

This script is 15 pages so far. Last updated 11/11/2020

What's it about?
A man is finishing his college years off strong. He is living it up, partying and hanging with his friends until he learns that he got his girlfriend pregnant. A baby on the way alters his idea and plans of Success for his future. He tries to whip into shape by getting 2nd job while completing his school work, but his addictive tendencies make him  continue partying. He does too much one night and then trips the impact of his own death: his mom commits suicide, the school is at shambles over the death of such a good soul. His girlfriend considers abortion and has vengeance out for the friend that sold Sam the drugs that killed him. Everyone mourns but finds positivity in the wreckage.

in production


This 5 minute short is being produced spring of 2021.

What's it about?
A man hurts his friend in a car accident and must apologize to him in order to feel closure.

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This screenplay should inspire some work in 'left sam dead'.

What's it about?
4 people go insane.


Someone sent this to me.

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