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I solely produced 90% of the content on this website. Thank you for your time.

Renata Pastuszak:
Writer, Director of Photography, and Video Editor



sparked a conversation that looked like a revolution. They merged the style of an old 90s film with a visionary message. I was there for them with a Sony FS5 4K and my quick eye to capture meaningful and candid moments.


From zero miles to 80,000 in 1 year,

I drove this vehicle 14 hours a day. When the pandemic struck, I worked as a food delivery driver in a combustion engine vehicle and envisioned that an investment in a Tesla would be the best investment for my future.

Well, I was right.

I turned my life into gold. Metaphorical gold, that is, because; you see, I transformed into a greater version of myself along the way. I didn’t give myself breaks or days to rest, I was always moving productively.

I studied sustainability via the book by Bill Gates "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: the Technologies We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need. I was inspired by the ideas I took away.

I brainstormed with my passengers about the future of climate, education, and technology. I wrote my ideas down for content that I now plan to produce throughout my life.  

Now, I want to be on the front line- to write ideas for movies and TV shows about what our future can look like in the most positive light!


In 2019: I made, Minimalism,

which depicts a brief moment in time through unusual means, a 4k Go Pro + an AI. This is an exploration of a modern philosophy that I am inspired by and promote. I used a text-to-speech service to point out how much I have that I do not need, I also think about how sustainable the materials are that go into the things around us in our beautiful little lives.


In 2021: I made, Semilla Café,

I dedicated great time and care to editing a tight narrative about this café via the two interviews. I find great joy in fine details. I created the intro graphic directly within Premiere.

If I went back in time to re-edit the timeline, then I would have steadied out the rhythm of the visual narrative because I believe it may benefit from a slower pace.

I shot most of the video with an old DSLR. I may have also shown our interview subjects more often, especially if the production were better equipped.

In this promotional segment, we meet the co-owners Aimee and Elija, tour their store, and taste test the coffee.


In 2018: I was the Director of Photography for, Alfredo,

a short film written and directed by an excellent colleague of mine, Ferdos Sililo-Simon. I was a part of her three person crew for this quaint production. I feel most immersed in reality while shooting video. The frames I captured emphasize the woman's body. The movie may very well tell a short tale about a woman and her peeping tom.


In 2018: I drafted a short experimental story about the meat industry and money,

I have much more to do with this piece, as a matter of fact, I am still editing it now. I have plenty of footage which aligns with a new vision that I'd like to take this film: I may touch on the idea of what we all can do with technology and AI to continue leading our future into a positive direction: as I believe we are already heading.


In 2019: I made, Fashion Model Joe Wolf,

with a Sony FS5 and monopod, I followed the male model through the streets of NYC. I solely shot, edited, and applied color correction plus visual effects to this piece.


In 2019: I made, NYC Music BINGO,

an upbeat video for a client who hosted dance parties containing prizes. I attended two of these events and brought along a colleague to assist in shooting. I applied most of the effects seen in this video and adjusted color throughout.


In 2018: I made, ALLEY 906 BINGE,

This video exemplifies a band's style and an intricate composition. The shooting location was dark but I was able to correct that in Adobe Premiere Pro. The musicians have a connection to one another that I was able to pull together through the edit. I worked with the band and composer for a few hours at the Boston Conservatory in Massachusetts. I felt invigorated after the shoot as I hope you feel at the end of this video. If I could have done anything to improve this piece I would have used more of my master shot and recorded extreme close ups of the instruments to add excitement, an incredibly dynamic feeling, throughout the entire piece.