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Renata Pastuszak:
Writer, Director of Photography, and Video Editor, Graphic Designer


In 2018: I drafted a short experimental story about the meat industry,

I have a new vision for this film: I may touch on the idea of what we all can do with technology and AI to continue leading our future into a positive direction; as I believe we are already heading, regarding coming together to do our part for the planet.


In 2018: I was the Director of Photography for, Alfredo,

a short film written and directed by an excellent colleague of mine, Ferdos Sililo-Simon. I was a part of her three person crew for this quaint production. I feel most immersed in reality while shooting video. The frames I captured emphasize the woman's body. The movie may very well tell a short tale about a woman and her peeping tom.


In 2019: I made, Minimalism,

which depicts a brief moment in time through unusual means, a 4k Go Pro + an AI. This is an exploration of a modern philosophy that I am inspired by and promote. I used a text-to-speech service to point out how much I have that I do not need, I also think about how sustainable the materials are that go into the things around us in our beautiful little lives.


In 2021: I made, Semilla Café,

I dedicated great time and care to editing a tight narrative about this café via the two interviews. I find great joy in fine details. I created the intro graphic directly within Premiere.

If I went back in time to re-edit the timeline, then I would have steadied out the rhythm of the visual narrative because I believe it may benefit from a slower pace.

I shot most of the video with an old DSLR. I may have also shown our interview subjects more often, especially if the production were better equipped.

In this promotional segment, we meet the co-owners Aimee and Elija, tour their store, and taste test the coffee.


In 2019: I made, NYC Music BINGO,

an upbeat video with flashy transitions, designed for a client who hosted dance parties containing prizes. I attended two of these events and brought along a colleague to assist in shooting. I applied most of the effects seen in this video and adjusted color throughout.


In 2019: I made, Fashion Model Joe Wolf,

with a Sony FS5 and monopod, I followed the male model through the streets of NYC. I solely shot, edited, and applied color correction plus visual effects to this piece.


In 2018: I made, ALLEY 906 BINGE,

This video exemplifies a band's style and an intricate composition. The shooting location was dark but I was able to correct that in Adobe Premiere Pro. The musicians have a connection to one another that I was able to pull together through the edit. I worked with the band and composer for a few hours at the Boston Conservatory in Massachusetts. I felt invigorated after the shoot as I hope you feel at the end of this video. If I could have done anything to improve this piece I would have used more of my master shot and recorded extreme close ups of the instruments to add excitement, an incredibly dynamic feeling, throughout the entire piece.

Renata Pastuszak:
Writer, Director of Photography, and Video Editor, Graphic + Web Designer

- Added several years of longevity to my college’s tiny film department. It wasn’t well known until I made it well known as the girl with a longboard and a camera. I was known at college as the “go-to” for video, photo, and technical support. I created 50% more job opportunities for future film students by forming alliances with faculty and staff in various departments that were in need of digital media expertise. I was an active symbol, my face, a lasting reminder, to the critical integration that the film department brought to campus wide affairs. I formed fresh awareness in the minds of senior staff and high levels of campus operations to later allocate a larger budget to the department. 

- Soley facilitated engagement from students and staff to participate in an annual campus-wide student led event two years in a row. Rallied support, funding, and made it happen. Positively encouraged a hardworking environment and inspired a community in the team that helped.

- Choreographed a student film production which encountered a major problem that caused us to halt to a five hour shoot; we were recording at an incorrect angle for the first two hours. The director and I maintained a calm crew and involved their assistance in testing visual solutions. The experience resulted in a better overall film and a stronger team. 

- Participated in saving an independently produced movie “(Team Marco”, which was my first ever opportunity to be on a movie set) I saved the production half an hour of labor at the end of every shooting day which saved several thousands of dollars in overtime while maintaining positive company morale. Loading out at the end of a shoot day, an already arduous task, grew hectic in the second half of the month. Increased difficulty formed a negative dynamic and forced involvement of executive producers to tasks in which assistants should have done alone- until I ushered further participation from my team which restored flow and company dynamic. 

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